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Blockchain Open Tech is an initiative of technology activists who have launched a number of actions to implement Blockchain in all areas of the Social Economy.

Blockchain Open Tech is a Greek, social, cooperative enterprise, registered in the Ministry of Labor, aiming at the global space of Social and Solidarity Economy and supporting its digital transformation of all sectors of any Economy (Private, Public Social).

It is well-known that the Social Economy, also known as the Third Sector of the Economy, comes to fill the timeless gap between the public and private sectors. This neutral position of the Social Economy, which is at the same time cooperative with the other two sectors, now welcomes the Blockchain technology as a catalyst for its development.

Essential elements of Blockchain technology such as security, transparency and cost-effectiveness are expected to substantially support the further development of the Social Economy. The non-hierarchical and decentralized structure of both (i.e. Blockchain technology and Social Economy) can form the basis for the creation of a range of socially useful and acceptable applications and services.

Blockchain Open Tech is open to partnerships and collaborations with experts from around the world, as well as other initiatives aimed at the new form of Social Economy: a borderless, collaborative and transparent Economy.

Blockchain Open Tech is also registered within the European Commission’s registers. The members of Blockchain Open Tech have experience in both Social & Solidarity Economics and Blockchain technologies, with projects in Greece, Europe and third countries.

Blockchain Open Tech operates on quality processes and social responsibility rules as defined by both recent Social & Solidarity legislation and ISO procedures.

Blockchain Open Tech has its headquarters in Athens and branches in Thessaloniki and Argos, as well as representative offices in Bulgaria and the Netherlands

Having already in action a cooperation protocol with the National Center for Research and Technological Development / Institute of Informatics and Telematics (CERTH/ΙTI) on research and development, the company has activated the first Blockchain incubator in Thessaloniki; the Blockchain Factory.


Nikos Bogonikolos, PhD

Founder of Blockchain Open Technologies Coop. He has a mathematical background (Diploma of University of Patras, Greece) and delivered post-graduate and doctorate research in Kharkov National Economic University, Ukraine. A pioneer in Blockchain technology since 2009. Creator of the first alternative social currency "Ovolos".

Prof. Spiros Likothanassis

Professor and Director of Pattern Recognition Lab at University of Patras, School of Engineering, Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics
He has international research experience in security and cryptography.

Mr. John Hadjichristos

Member of Blockchain Open Technologies Coop. He is a Senior Business development Consultant and expert in support for redesigning of corporate processes. He is especially experienced in the study of integrated solutions of advanced information systems and related services. He is an experienced Systems Analyst with several managerial positions in the industry in the past. He holds a Mathematics degree from the University of Patras (1984).


Working exclusively with the Dutch company Blockchain 2050 BV ( and in collaboration with academic research institutes and universities, Blockchain Open Tech has developed unique tools for Blockchain applications in the sector of Social Economy, like in the following:

  • The online store of social economy with opportunities to support small producers, ethical trade or any typical one-one commerce environment in B2B/B2C transactions.

  • A complete set of tools to support social commerce and secured digital news/media distribution on blockchain technologies.

  • The Blockchain implementation system for monitoring the entire commercial cycle from production to final disposal of organic farming products.

  • The humanitarian aid distribution system without the mediation of the Banking system or other third parties, using Blockchain technology.


Blockchain technology evolves in a similar way to the internet development back in the 1980s.

Nikos Bogonikolos, who was the initiator of the Blockchain Open Tech initiative, had been involved in the global governance of the internet ever since and has helped stabilizing it. Since its inception he has partnered with global giants such as AMAZON and QUALCOMM.

This has enabled Blockchain Open Tech to systematically monitor Blockchain technology developments and to design the technical architecture that makes all Blockchain Open Tech’s solutions and applications readily adaptable to any technological developments, new platforms, programming languages and methodologies which are dynamically present during the first years of Blockchain's rapid growth.

Thus, Blockchain Open Tech aims to provide technologically mature and stable solutions and applications across all sectors of Economy and Development.


Blockchain Open Tech is participating already in two such BlockChain Factories as initiator and co-manager, creating a robust ecosystem of blockchain related companies that can support different vertical sectors of the Economy in Greece. This experiance is under exploitation to other geographical areas, based on international cooperations and projects.

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